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SovereignCash Hardware, Secured Utility Token and Exchange.
An entirely new level of crypto security. At its core is Excalibur Hard Wallet:
the best hardware wallet on the planet.


This innovative hardware security device will seamlessly integrate with the SovereignCash Exchange and a new token, called the SOV, which together will create comprehensive digital asset transaction security and utility. By combining extreme hardware security with unparalleled utility and no transaction fees, the SOV is positioned to be a dominant utility token for mature digital asset applications at scale.  CDV provides true cybersecurity for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and IoT. CryptoData Vault has been capitalized with US$2.25 million invested to date by blockchain entrepreneur Sam Lee and First Growth Funds (ASX:FGF), a publicly traded investment fund based in Sydney, Australia.

The revolutionized Platform

State-of-the-Art Encryption

“Block-Lock” patent pending technology

Transaction Security


  • Best available hardware security technology with state-of-the-art encryption for virtually impregnable transactions.
  • “Block-Lock” patent pending technology enables optional tracking and enforcement of geographic rules and restrictions.
  • The SOV cryptocurrency token and SovereignCash Order Book will enable secure execution of broad range of utility and financial transfers, with zero transaction fees imposed, enabling dozens of business and consumer use cases with maximum security and traceability.

Distribution of tokens

Number of tokens
43,252,003,27 SOVs
Tokens exchange rate
1 ETH=xxSC, 1 BTC=xxSC
Acceptable currencies
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimal transaction amount
xx ETH/xx BTC/xx LTC/xx Fiat
  • Initial Float
  • Sponsor, Financing Partner, and Technology Partner incentives
  • Holdback


CDV’s development team includes participation of four technology companies, Heuresy Labs LLC, Stealth Entry LLC, Xped Limited, and Proxidyne Inc., each of which is contributing expertise, technology, and intellectual property developed with tens of millions of dollars invested to date.


Stealth Entry is dedicated to providing their clients the very best professional services and enterprise security solutions with a focus on integrity, respect, and dependability.

Xped is an Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform provider. Xped has developed revolutionary and patent-protected technology that allows any consumer, regardless of their technical ability, to connect easily, monitor, and control devices and appliances from many vendors and based on different technologies.

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